iPad Resources

Guides & Troubleshooting 


Please find below, documents used within Cambridge PS to assist your child's device to the school. Keep in mind it's important that your child's device has free storage space available for educational purposes as it coresponds to the school's code of conduct.


We have local technicians on-site to assist with the iPad 1:1 Program.


Warranty on Hardware & Software

We recommend visiting your local Apple Authorized Retailer (JB Hi-Fi Beyond the Box and Apple) to determine whether it will be warrantable. All you need to provide is your child's iPad as stores will be able to assistance information via the serial number.


iPad Program Guide 2018

Apple ID Guide*

Family Sharing Guide

Disclosure Form

Device Enrolment*

Acceptable Use

Code of Conduct (P-2)

Code of Conduct (Grades 3 to 6)**

Enabling Restrictions Guide

How to Close Apps

How to Update Apps

* These guides are currently in review late 2016.

** Please keep in mind these policies are in review 2016.