Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an Apple iPad? Which one is right for my child?

We do have an iPad Information Night that will have a representative from JB Hi-Fi Solutions discussing purchases and payment options. It’s a requirement that you attend the information even if you can source an iPad elsewhere as will be discussing the schools code of conduct and acceptable use agreement.


We recommend when purchasing an iPad to factor the following:

-       Recommended storage space: 128GB preferably

         -      If your iPad is below the recommended storage, please be mindful you will have maintain adequate free space for the provisioning of iOS and app updates; ~5GB Free Space

-       Please be aware if purchasing a pre-owned unit ensures the Apple ID credentials are removed so the device is not locked.


What is AppleCare Protection?

An iPad is an investment and needs to be properly protected. For younger students, the biggest danger is breaking the screen.


Third Party repairers void the warranty. 


AppleCare Protection is an extended warranty plan granting 2 years on an Apple device. It must be made within time of purchase as it ties standard warranty with the protection plan, total of 2 years.


If any damages occur within the 2 year time-frame, it can be taken to the apple store with an excess charge of $65.00 and be replaced with a new unit. It’s beneficial because it covers broken screens and other damages. Limit of two replacements.


We strongly recommend this service through Apple. Please ensure you enquire at time of purchase.


What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile device management is a program that interacts between school server and student devices. It allows us to interact with the device by assigned wireless profiles so students can have internet and school resources.


Our school has a management system (Absolute Software) which we manage all school profiles; it’s a compulsory requirement which can be found on the booklist each year. Fee covers maintenance on the device regarding updates and iOS support which coincides with Apple Software Updates.


MDM provides your child with a network connectivity, school filtering and maintenance support.


Apple ID Concerns

Apple ID’s can either be setup for individual use or under family sharing were parents/guardians have the power to prevent app or in-store apps purchases on the device.


Family sharing means the adult/guardian/parent is responsible for buying the apps and allocating them to their child, also they have supervision on the account in terms of find my iPad.


We will have how-to documents for both individual and family sharing available on the school website towards the end of the year.


More information on Family Sharing can be found at the following link:


Recommended Guides


Apple ID Guide


Family Sharing Guide


Security Concerns

Parents/Guardians have the ability to setup parental controls/restrictions that can be put in place limiting certain functions on the device such as: iMessage, AppStore, iTunes, Facetime, etc...


All devices have a school-based profile within the school to access the network and resources, we have appropriate filtering that coincides with the departments regulations ensuring the device is smart safe.


Concerns from our department (IT Support)

Yes, we will be able to help you with any issues or concerns for your child’s device.


However, we must advise you that there have been several instances where a child had a problem with his/her iPad, and our IT Support was unable to help find a solution as passcodes and restrictions prevented them access.


If you want to disclose credentials with the classroom teacher, this will be more than sufficient as we can attend if your child has a device issue.