Cambridge Primary school is a large modern school with approximately 1010 students from over 46 cultural backgrounds. Established in 1992, the school is proud of its commitment to great educational outcomes, the welfare and safety of its students and community.


We pride ourselves on our academic achievements as well as wonderful behaviour that our students are known for. Cambridge Primary School provides a caring, supportive and challenging environment with a strong and supportive welfare approach to accommodate individual needs of the students and families.

At Cambridge we have a strong focus on providing an excellent education to prepare all of our students for globalisation. As many of our students are already bilingual, they will play an important part in the future global world.


The staff here at Cambridge are very committed to ongoing professional learning and while we know that a strong focus on teaching and learning is vital we also acknowledge that students need a breadth of experiences to develop all aspects of their personality, talents and skills. Our students are very lucky to have such amazing opportunities for academic and personal growth here at Cambridge Primary School through the extensive extra-curricular program which allows our students to get involved in music, sport, chess, as well as participate in the camps and excursions program including a cultural camp to South Korea. This is an amazing opportunity for students to develop their intercultural capacity and to learn more about the world and about themselves.


Breakfast club runs every Thursday and Friday in the gymnasium foyer. Staff, parents, pre-service teachers, and community members volunteer time to help out at breakfast club each morning. This is a free program and students really enjoyed starting the day with and yummy food and in the company of their friends! 

Cambridge Primary School has straight grades (not composite) at every year level from prep to grade 6. We have three main learning sessions throughout the day, starting with 2 hours of English, 1-2 hours of Mathematics and an hour after lunch to support the inquiry curriculum. Cambridge Primary School is highly committed to the provision of quality eLearning facilities that enhance student learning. Cambridge has a range of technologies available for students and staff to use. We are a 1-1 iPad (BYOD) school. All students in grades 1-6 have their own device to use across all areas of the curriculum.

We are very proud of the presentation of our school buildings and grounds.

Aside from teaching students ranging from prep to grade 6, our staff at Cambridge Primary are actively involved in creating an engaging and challenging learning environment for students.

We also have talented specialists providing students the opportunity to shine in many areas of the curriculum including Italian, Physical Education, Science, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.

Cambridge Primary School has a strong and active student leadership program and each year students attend a “Young Leaders Conference” where they interact with highly successful people who share their personal journeys with the students. This is part of the Leadership Development program at Cambridge Primary School. Our student leaders have an active voice in the decision making processes at school and represent our school community in community events such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. Our student leaders are passionately involved in various social justice projects throughout the year and fundraise to support these projects as well as supporting school improvement projects and events.